Silver Bullet Water Treatment System FAQ

Silver Bullet Water Treatment System FAQs

What is GGP Silver Bullet Water Treatment System?
GGP Energy’s Silver Bullet Water Treatment System is an electro-chemical water treatment device. When connected to your cooling tower, it creates a negative ion charge and hydrogen peroxide.

What does the GGP Silver Bullet Water Treatment System unit look like?
The unit is 39 inches long, 12 inches wide and 5 inches deep. It is supplied with a filter, pump, and automatic backwash valves, and is assembled on a skid or pallet.

How big is the unit? How much floor space will it take up?
The skid is 32 inches wide x 48 inches long and with all the components set up, it should be no more than 48 inches high. The GGP Silver Bullet Water Treatment Systemunit can easily be wall-mounted.

Will the unit be compatible with my existing system/plumbing?

How does the unit work?
Our monatomic generator produces both hydrogen peroxide and negatively charged oxygen atoms. The hydrogen peroxide controls bacteria while the monatomic oxygen bonds to calcium ions keeping them dissolved and preventing them from depositing.

Will I need to add additional chemicals?
No. However, although we control Legionella by reducing its food sourse, bacteria, additional control can be obtained by adding isothiazolin. It does not affect our ability to control bacteria or keep calcium dissolved.

What makes this green technology?
The GGP Silver Bullet Water Treatment System system does not add any chemicals. It generates monatomic oxygen which creates hydrogen peroxide which break down into water and oxygen.

Will it save me money? How much?
Yes, GGP Silver Bullet Water Treatment System will save you money. By reducing the labor and handling costs associated with chemical system is one factor. By controlling calcium, we should be able to increase your cycles of concentration significantly. How much depends upon the quality of your makeup water, the specifics of your system and whether your local water department is offering incentives for reducing consumption. A reduction in consumption for a typical 500 to 800 Ton system would be equal to or greater than a million gallons per year.

Can you predict the water savings?
Yes. The amount of water savings depends the current cycles of concentration and on the quality of your makeup water. We can give a definite answer once we know what the conductivity, pH, alkalinity, total and calcium hardness, chlorides, silica and iron levels are for the makeup and tower water.

Can you predict the labor savings?
Yes. GGP Silver Bullet Water Treatment System will eliminate the time spent ordering, receiving and removing chemicals. It will also eliminate maintenance associated with adjusting chemical feed pumps, and hauling chemicals up to a rooftop location. Finally, it will reduce the time spent testing the water and reduce the time spent cleaning your cooling towers once we remove the excess calcium from your system.

What do I need to do to maintain the unit?
Spend one minute making sure the recirculating pump is operating and that we have a vacuum on the unit. To check the vacuum move the valve handle to test position, get your reading, and then move the valve back to operation mode. You will not have to check GGP Silver Bullet Water Treatment System any more often than your current chemical system. However, the more often you check GGP Silver Bullet Water Treatment System, the better the system will run.

Does it come with a warranty?
Yes. We warranty all parts in the lease arrangement.

Who is responsible for repairs? Replacement parts?
We are responsible for repairs and replacement parts. All repairs and replacement parts are included in your lease agreement.

What is the expected lifetime of the unit?
Ten or more years.

How does the monoatomic oxygen kill the bacteria?
Our monatomic generator produces hydrogen peroxide which ruptures bacteria cell walls. An added benefit is that hydrogen peroxide has none of the hazards associated with using biocides such as bleach, chlorine and bromine.

How does the unit keep scale from forming?
The monatomic oxygen stays dissolved in the water. Its negative charge attracts calcium with its positive charge and keeps it dissolved in the water.

Will it remove pre-existing scale?
Yes, but the process is a gradual one attracting one calcium ion at a time. This is not an acid program which will rapidly dissolve calcium. The length of time to clean up a system will depend on the amount of scale previously deposited in the tower fill, metal pipes and condenser tubes.

What is a cycle of concentration?
A cycle of concentration can be defined in 2 ways. It is the ratio of the mineral content of tower water divided by the mineral content of the makeup water. It is also the ratio of gallons of makeup water divided by the amount of tower water going to the drain. The more cycles of concentration that you have, the less water you consume, so the object of water treatment is to achieve the maximum cycles of concentration without causing deposits to form in the system.

How will running at higher cycles of concentration save water?
While you cannot control how much water evaporates from the tower because evaporation is a function of your cooling load, you can increase cycles by reducing the amount of water going to a drain. For example, with a 100 ton refrigeration load, increasing the cycles of concentration from 2 to 4 will reduce the total makeup water needed by 33%.

What can I do with the bleed-off water? Is it ok to use for irrigation?
That depends on local laws, since we do not add any hazardous chemicals to the system; the only chemical in the water is hydrogen peroxide which breaks down to oxygen and water.

What kind of filter does the unit use?
Depending on the size and pressure requirements of your system, we match filters and pumps to provide the best filtration possible. The use of the filter is to not only remove scale that dislodges during our process but also to remove the dead bacteria that would otherwise still act as a food source for the protozoa that house Legionella.

Can I use my existing filter? Can I use my sand filter?
That depends on the type of sand filter you are using. Most of the time you can use the filter housing, but we will replace the sand with our special glass media. Our glass media contains iron which we negatively charge to attract positively charged contaminants thereby creating a much cleaner water supply. This is especially beneficial for plate and frame heat exchangers.

How much does the unit cost?
GGP Silver Bullet Water Treatment System is provided free of charge with a monthly water treatment program fee. We know that everyone has an operating budget for water treatment services. We strive to price our service fee so that you will not have to pay more for this value added program.

What are the terms of service agreement?
Service agreements run in yearly cycles with a 30 day right of cancellation. This is typical for this industry. We actually try to work through your existing water treatment company. There would be no need to change your existing contract. Your water treater can still submit the monthly water tests that they have always provided.

Why can’t I just buy the unit?
GGP Energy is not just an equipment supplier; we are providing a first class water treatment program. The equipment is merely a means to provide this level of water treatment.

How much will the unit cost me to run?
GGP Silver Bullet Water Treatment System consumes 78 watts. The circulating pump would depend on the amount of filtration required and therefore the horsepower will vary.

I have a system that I run at “________” cycles and it has “________” tons. How much water will your unit save me?
That depends upon the quality of the makeup water. We will need a complete analysis of the makeup and tower water.

How does your unit control/kill bacteria, especially Legionella?
The unit kills bacteria by the continuous production of hydrogen peroxide that ruptures cell membranes. The reduction of bacteria makes it difficult for Legionella to find “host” bacteria.

If my tower does not have a coupon rack or other critical part will you install it?

Does the filter media have to be glass beads? Can I use my existing sand filter?
Yes, the filter media must contain our glass media. If your current filter housing and valves functions well, we will likely be able to use it.

Does your unit treat the water even when the system isn’t in operation?
Yes, it is important to control bacteria continuously.

Will your unit need a lot of repairs over its lifetime? Are the repairs easy/inexpensive?
No, the unit will not require a lot of repairs. We use the best equipment possible and we are responsible for repairs.

How long does it take to install? Who will install it? Is the installation work guaranteed should something go wrong?
GGP Energy will coordinate with your preferred water treatment company to install the unit. We will guarantee a satisfactory install, but we do request that the facility owner provide us with an inlet port and an outlet port to the facility system.

Is it ok to put my name/company on the unit?
Yes. You may place a sticker or sign stating that you are the service provider.

Will you take samples and analyze current tower and make-up water before installation? Why?
Yes. We need to determine the maximum cycles of concentration we can maintain. We also need to determine how much water we can save you.

What is the corrosion rate with your unit?
That depends on the quality of the water and the frequency with which the tower is cleaned. It generally runs about 2 mils or less per year.

How many tons can your unit treat? Will I need 2 or more units if I have a large system?
There is no limit on the tonnage. We simply increase the size and number of units.

My system uses water that is characterized by “___________” condition. How will you adjust your unit to treat it?
This is why we analyze makeup water and operating conditions first. We will make our adjustments based on those limitations even before the installation starts. The customer will know what we can and cannot achieve in writing.

Does your system work as well as traditional chemical treatments?
Yes, our system works as well or better than traditional chemical treatments.

What special advantages does your system offer customers with plate and frame heat exchangers?
Our system will increase the efficiency of these units by removing suspended dirt.

If I use your product can I get a rebate from city water for using green technology?
Yes, especially for those cities offering rebates for LEED technology or reduced water consumption.

Who else uses your unit? Can I contact them?
The list, with contact information, is available upon request.

How often should my tower be cleaned?
Towers need to have dirt and scale that has dislodged from the tower fill removed as often as possible. The cleaner your tower is, the less bacteria and therefore Legionella there will be.

Does your system require my tower to be cleaned more often than with traditional chemical treatment?
Yes. GGP Silver Bullet Water Treatment System System is constantly dislodging dirt, bacteria, and scale from the fill. Your system will be more efficient once these substances are removed.

Will you work with my existing water treatment company?
Absolutely. We will work with your existing water treatment company or another one of your choice.