What is PQFLOW?

A total engineering solution to reduce wasted electricity and high maintenance costs associated with electrical anomalies in high power usage facilities.

The GGP PQFLOW System works best in the following segments:

  • Industrial companies (commodity production, mining, paper and steel mills)
  • Midsize to large manufacturing facilities
  • Hospitals (massive power quality problems!)
  • Midsize to large commercial buildings

Your Energy Expenditure

(if you would describe your energy use to include any of the following)

  • 24×7 power usage
  • High hours in operation
  • High kilowatt/hour electricity rates
  • Monthly electrical bills in excess of $40,000

Equipment/Facility Designs

(Do any of the following describe your facility design?)

  • The presence of variable frequency drives (VFD)
  • Computerized or non-linear loads
  • Long distancs between the main electrical switch and the load
  • Metered primary power

Does Your Facility Meet Any of the Above Requirements?

You may be a good candidate for PQFLOW